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We have been working with, and supplying quality galvanized and pre-painted eavestrough systems, soffit, fascia and gutter accessories to lumberyards and retailers across North America since 1920.

For more than 98 years, CSM has been earning a reputation for supplying high quality products and exceptional service.

We make selling our product easy with attractive tidy displays and packaging which includes header boards, easy to follow installation brochures, and help with stocking the right products to ensure that you have satisfied customers with minimal inventory.

We manufacture only to the highest standards with raw materials from North American mills, and all components are wrapped so as not to scratch during shipping and customer handling. That’s just one of the many reasons lumberyards rely on CSM.

CMS products are packaged for ease of display and the packaging brightens up store shelves, giving a professional appearance to the product line.

When dealing with CSM, lumberyards depend on our expertise and experience with our third generation owner and operators who stand by everything we manufacture and sell. This would include everything from our various eavestrough systems (galvanized, prepainted steel, prepainted aluminum and vinyl) to attractive siding and railings manufacturered by trusted names like Genova, Gentek and Imperial Kool-Ray.

To complement our eavestrough systems, CSM sells handy accessories such as our new Adjust-A-Spout Splashblock and Geno-Flex universal downspout extensions, gutter scoops and gutter covers.

Lumberyards rely on CSM for competitive pricing, durability, ease of installation, and product that comes in a variety of attractive displays and colours so your customers can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We make it easy for your customers, which helps you with sales and profitability.

Our customers are never out of product, and our agents are always in contact to check on your inventory and keep track of your needs.

If you’re a professional lumberyard looking for a reliable and knowledgeable supplier of quality eavestrough systems, siding or aluminum and vinyl railing and related products and accessories, you can count on CSM. Contact Us for an unbeatable range of product parts, fair prices, order process efficiency, on-time delivery and responsive customer support.

Take a look through our extensive online catalogue or download our brochure and installation guides and see for yourself why we are the choice of lumberyards that need products which perform with ease and style, inventory that is always available, and shipping that is prompt and efficient.

CSM stands behind all of its products and guarantees and has been in business since 1920. That’s your assurance of our commitment to your success, and your knowledge that we’ll be around to fulfill our promises.

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