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CSM has consistently met and exceeded the demands of our industry to keep pace with changes in technology and customer expectations of quality, service, and pricing.

CSM has been in business since 1920 and has been a recognized pioneer and leader in our industry in regards to quality and service. In addition to serving your needs with an extensive quality product line, we are always grateful for the opportunity to serve clients and customers with specialized services to meet:

  • Custom Project Needs
  • OEM requirements

We specialize in:

Of course, our same trusted level of care goes into the manufacture of every piece. We use raw materials from Canadian mills and employ custom fabrication techniques and specifications to ensure that the result is a high quality product every time.

“At CSM, we also take pride in our packaging and shipping procedures, so that your products are delivered in premium quality condition.”

We know that sheet metal products can be damaged or scratched easily and we are careful in ensuring that your components arrive in good condition for your professional application.

We service and ship throughout North America. Contact Us today to discuss your custom project or product needs and count on our experience and friendly efficient team to look after you.


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