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Gutter Systems Accessory Manufacturing

Gutter Guards

Every homeowner has encountered the problem of leaves and debris accumulating in their gutters, impeding proper drainage and creating annoying, if not costly maintenance problems. Keep your gutters clean with an attractive and strong Gutter Guard system from City Sheet Metal.

The patented Hinged Gutter Guard is easy to install, with the push of a thumb. There are no rough edges, and our convex design not only prevents trash accumulation but also maximizes strength so it won’t collapse under ice and snow. Along with a one-piece stainless steel hinge, our Gutter Guard will not rust or corrode and keeps your gutters clean with the flip of a wrist.

Smart Screen does more than keep your gutters clear; it strengthens them while providing superior water dispersion. Out performs and outlasts systems costing many times more.



Downspout Extensions

Geno-Flex Universal Downspout Extension: It fits all 2″ x 3″ and 3″ 4″ downspouts. It also connects quickly and easily to PVC sewer, drain and corrugated pipe. It installs without tools and expands from 19″ x 55″ or connect 2 or more for longer runs. Comes in 4 popular colors: White, Brown, Green, and Tan.

Adjust-A-Spout Splashblock: These Splashblocks attach directly to your downspout, either 2″ x 3″ or 2 5/8″ square. They are used to guard against foundation water damage from run-off seepage. They extend up to 6′, swivels 180 degrees and flips up for easy trimming and mowing. Available in white and Brown.

Flip-Up Hinge: For a more conventional style downpipe extension use our Flip-Up Hinge which allows you to flip it up and out of the way for lawn mowing and trimming. These are available in white or brown.

Pipe Support Product: A sturdy galvanized Pipe Support that holds your pipe extension above the grass. It’s an economical product that is easy to install.

15″ Extension Pipe: Comes in 50mm x 75mm (2″x 3″) by 15″ long in White and Brown. Attach these to your downpipe elbow to divert water from your foundation and can be used to connect the elbows on your overhang.