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Gutter Manufacturing

The Highest Quality Gutters for Your House or Building from Canada’s Leading Gutter Manufacturer

City Sheet Metal is Canada’s leading gutter manufacturer. We carry a wide range of the highest quality gutters and gutter systems accessories. You can always expect exceptional quality at prices that suit practically every budget and purpose.

We find you affordable solutions for your house or building. Our products are perfect for professional builders and do-it-yourself homeowners.

We have many galvanized or prepainted materials to choose from. All components are shrink-wrapped to prevent scratching during handling and transportation.

Prepainted Aluminum Gutter Systems

  • Baked on Enamel
  • Impervious to Heat and UV Rays
  • Does Not Dry Out, Crack or Peel in Extreme Weather
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight and Easy to Cut or Bend

Prepainted Steel Gutter Systems

  • Baked on White or Brown Enamel
  • Won’t Blister, Peel or Crack
  • Precision Made Sections Snap Together For Easy Installation
  • Prefinished Fittings are Rust and Corrosion Resistant

Galvanized Gutter Systems

  • High Quality Precision Manufacturing
  • Sections Snap Together for Fast Efficient Installation
  • Cost Effective Professional Look

Copper Gutter Systems

  • High Quality Precision Manufacturing
  • Made from 16 oz. copper
  • Patina will change with age due to weathering, giving it more of an Old World look


Vinyl Gutter Systems

REPLA K Vinyl Gutter System

City Sheet Metal is the Canadian arm of U.S. gutter manufacturer Genova Products. REPLA K is the only true 5″ ‘K’ style vinyl gutter system currently available in Canada. REPLA K includes many outstanding features.

  • Compatible with 5″ ‘K’ style aluminum gutter systems
  • Easy to install
  • Simple vinyl adhesive weld for a leak proof system
  • Top mount hidden brackets
  • High quality, durable and worry-free
  • Will not corrode, dent or scratch and is paintable
  • Please click here to view our catalogue of 5″ ‘K’ Style vinyl eaves.

Gutter Manufacturer City Sheet Metal stocks a wide variety of gutter systems accessories. We carry centre drops, joiners, corners, ferrules, hooks, hangers, straps and more. They are available in galvanized and aluminum in a variety of colours.